The success of a marketing research project is mostly accounted for by the choice of adequate methods suitable to the specific task at hand. Following a thorough examination of the respective aims of the study, we suggest a customized research design.

In order to guarantee the quality of the data collection and the results to be in step with actual practice, all steps are executed by our own qualified personnel. The three cornerstones our research is generally based on can be implemented individually or in combination depending on the issue at hand:

Desk Research

We investigate data which is already present in our database or in external databases as well as data from other sources of information about particular fields of interest. Our staff has many years of experience researching and analyzing national and international sources. Special focus is put on the critical examination of quality and plausibility of the data obtained from external sources.

Quantitive Methods

Our custom-made questionnaires are verified methodically and guarantee the high quality of the quantitative surveys’ results. The implementation of the questionnaire by our specially trained personnel ensures the highest level of research quality.

In the process, we suggest your optimum solution regarding quality and price/performance ratio. We provide our clients with the full range of modes of data collection:

  • Written surveys
  • Personal surveys
  • Telephone and CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing)
  • Online Surveys and Mobile Data Collection Surveys (Tablet or Smartphone)

On the base of our profound knowledge of the business and the methods we identify the sample size required by the market research in order to provide valid results

Qualitative Methods

Qualitative methods are obligatory when the issue at hand has very specific content which cannot be assessed via standardized questionnaires because crucial information might not be accessed or can even be falsified.

A second field of use for qualitative methods are expert interviews where data aiding the validation of information can be collected. Only our most experienced employees reliably handling these complex methods are employed in this delicate research environment.

Our services in the field of qualitative methods include:

  • Depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Mystery shopping
  • Key informant and expert interviews


We develop suitable research designs for unique projects by selecting matching modules from our range of services


(primary and secondary)

one time projects

periodic projects (panel)

✓ Market analysis
✓ Distribution analysis
✓ Analysis of competition
✓ Analysis of regional potentials and exploration
✓ Image analysis
✓ Trade and business surveys
✓ Product line analysis
✓ Price analysis
✓ Location analysis
✓ Mystery shopping


(primär möglich)

inkl. Primärforschung

ohne Primärforschung

✓ Strategic recemendations
✓ Identification of strengths and weaknesses
✓ Change management
✓ Consulting on positioning and/or prepositioning
✓ Consulting on market regions
✓ Strategy Consulting
✓ Sales consulting